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Health & Wellness

Diaper Bank of Southern Colorado

Like hunger, a lack of diapers has a profound impact on a child and the family. Ensuring that every baby can be clean, dry and healthy, diaper assistance is available for low-income families with babies and toddlers. 543-7739 Ext. 114

Becoming a Mom/Comenzando Bien

Prenatal health education classes provided in six 3-hour sessions in a supportive group setting.  Topics include prenatal care, nutrition, stress, things to avoid during pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum care and newborn care.  Participants earn weekly incentives for each class.  719-586-8627

Healthy Steps

Focusing on children from birth to age three, Healthy Steps offers the support that helps parents anticipate developmental stages and possible problems, to guide them in their roles as parents.  Healthy Steps uses a team approach to primary health care for young children.  A professional staff member will provide an effective link between the family and the pediatric and family practice. 719-586-8609

 Community Training

 Ages and Stages Questionnaires®

ASQ pinpoints developmental progress and early identification of social-emotional challenges in children between the ages of one month to 5 ½ years.  We offer a one-stop ASQ training to provide basic overview on how to use both screening tools.  Participants will learn the purpose of developmental screening, each tool’s feature and how to introduce, administer, score and interpret results of each screening tool.  719-586-8612

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Training®

The ACE Study confirms, with scientific evidence, that adversity in life increases physical, mental and behavioral problems later in life.  The training focuses on: origins of the ACE study, neuron growth and connectedness, impacts of maltreatment on brains, impacts of toxic stress during development and specific benefits from protecting children in early, middle and teen years.  719-586-8624

Family Development Training and Credentialing Program®

The Family Development Credentialing Program is a professional development course for frontline family workers to learn and practice skills of strengths-based family support in order to empower families to lead lives with healthy interdependence and self-reliance.  Once completed the 90 hours of interactive classroom instruction participants receive the nationally recognized and respected FDC Credential from the University of Connecticut.  719-586-8624

Family Leadership Training Institute

What is FLTI?:

The Family Leadership Training Institute of Pueblo is pleased to announce the Fall 2016 Training Institute hosted by Catholic Charities of the Pueblo Diocese.  The Family Leadership Training Institute of Pueblo is a free 20-week course designed to educate families in the Pueblo community on civic leadership and the skills needed to make a difference within the community.

FLTI classes focus on skills and information such as: community problem solving, leadership styles, public speaking, building networks, how to work with the media, how government works, facets of a good bill, and much more. The evidence-based curriculum provides individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to become more involved in their communities. Each week a different key-note speaker from within the Pueblo community will be featured to share their story and ideas for becoming more involved.  Over the 20-week course, all participants will create a community project proposal that is designed to better the Pueblo community. The course will conclude with a graduation ceremony, discussion with community leaders, and a certificate signed by Governor Hickenlooper.

The FLTI of Pueblo will begin courses with an all day retreat on October 1, 2016.  All following courses are on Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 9pm.  Meals will be served and childcare is available. Interested individuals may call 719-586-8621 for more information, or visit to register.  

Circle of Parents

Sharing Ideas. Sharing Support.

Circle of Parents provides a friendly, supportive environment led by parents and other caregivers. It is a place where anyone in a parenting role can openly discuss the successes and challenges of raising children. It’s a place where they can find and share support. Families work toward the common goal of building family strengths in the areas of family management, communication, nurturing and positive discipline. For more information please call: 586-8634.