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26th Oct


ReHire Colorado Expands!


New help on way for onetime students

Partnership forms to help them return to Pueblo Community College




Three organizations and institutions are teaming up to help students at Pueblo Community College finish their education.

Quarterly Forum, the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative and PCC are partnering to support PCC students who may have taken courses in the past but failed to earn credentials.

Officials with the organizations said the partnership leverages a $1 million commitment from the Quarterly Forum over the next 10 years to infuse investment into high-needs communities and spark future philanthropic investments to support students pursuing postsecondary credentials.

As part of this commitment, the Quarterly Forum also is awarding a matching grant of $75,000 in scholarship dollars to students who enroll in Project ACCESS, an initiative created earlier this year through a partnership between Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo, PCC and the Pueblo County Department of Social Services.

The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative will match that commitment.

Officials said the aim is to enable these students to complete a certificate or associate degree program by providing them with financial assistance.

The new infusion of scholarship dollars by Quarterly Forum will help up to 68 students pay for tuition and remedial course work and, if needed, help them overcome unpaid tuition costs so they can complete their degree at PCC.

The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative is a statewide initiative of Gov. John Hickenlooper.

“When our students work hard and prove they have the grit to succeed, there should be resources and support to help them earn a degree.” Hickenlooper said in a statement.

“This initiative is designed to foster exactly the kind of collaboration that we are celebrating
today. The Quarterly Forum is demonstrating real leadership by being the first to take advantage of this new fund.”

Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia, executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education, said there are a number of barriers closing the attainment gap in the state, not the least of which is the rising cost of higher education.

“This first scholarship project focuses on all the right elements to ensure that these students access, persist and complete a degree,” Garcia said.

Still in its early stages, Project ACCESS is expected to help about 310 marginalized young adults access the support they need to successfully pursue postsecondary education over the next two years More information about the Scholarship Initiative is available

Catholic Charities Diocese of Pueblo has expanded its ReHire Colorado program to include Fremont County and Custer County. Rehire is a transitional jobs program, ampoule where Catholic Charities can pay for a new employee for up to twelve weeks. Catholic Charities pays the subsidized wage of $8.23 per hour as well as the payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, the unemployment and workman’s compensation insurance as well as provide job coaching services while the participant is at the host site.


This program was funded by the state legislature in 2013 and is run by the Colorado Department of Human Services. Program goals are to stabilize individuals and families with earned income, stimulate local economies through paid wages, and contribute to the economic health of employers via access to temporarily subsidized employees for up to twelve weeks. Recruiting, screening and all other human resource functions are provided at no cost to your business. This is an opportunity for your business to try out a new candidate and see if they are a good fit before hiring them.


“Last year Catholic Charities was able to partner with local employers and put more than 50 people to work. This is a boon to our local economy, the businesses we partnered with and especially the clients we were able to place in meaningful employment that offers them career opportunities,” said Joe Mahoney, Executive Director.


Contact Catholic Charities to learn about this partnership that can benefit everyone! Call 719-562-3728 or 719-562-3769 for more information.

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